From the gardens of our ancestors

From the gardens of our ancestors, Art
From the gardens of our ancestors

Art    16 x 12 x 1    $800.00   

Paper, fabric, thread, beads on cradled wood board
Artist Statement
My mixed-media work is a meditative process for me, and one which allows me to delve deeply into the emotion and the stories that are behind the subject I am portraying. I think often about the disparate tapestry of experiences that makes up a single life - seemingly unconnected but intricately interwoven. My collages reflect this tapestry, representing that a whole life is much more than the sum of lived experiences. "From the gardens of our ancestors" works with a largely botanical theme to explore the ways that the roots of previous generations shape our present experience. Collage references to cooking continue to explore this idea of nourishment and growth, but also bring to mind the social constraints that were placed on the lives of the women who preceded us.


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