My Grandma's Garden

My Grandma's Garden, Art
My Grandma's Garden

Art    72 x 70 x 4    $11,000.00   

Decorative paper, acetate, acrylic paint, graphite, glitter, charcoal, jewelry, linoleum prints, monotype handmade flower, denim, hand-cut paper collard leaves, marker, family photos, wire, and magic on self-constructed canvas scroll with antique bronze rods and finials, 2023
Artist Statement
“My Grandma’s Garden” honors the matriarchs in Hope and Faith's family. The piece commemorates the twins' late grandmother, Lou Ida, late mother, Tonya, and their aunt Linda who serves as their oracle sharing stories of what life was like for their family in the past. “My Grandma’s Garden” depicts a fresh garden filled with collard greens, tomatoes, and okra, much like how Hope and Faith's grandmother grew them and much more in her L-shaped garden in the backyard of her DC home. Lou Ida would feed her 11 kids and the block with the food she cooked with love. Jars of homemade jam and magic along with their grandmother's obituary sit on a windowsill as their mother looks out the kitchen window. The scroll serves as a memory for the seeds Hope and Faith's grandmother sewed, with their roots traveling down to family photos of them and their siblings, reflecting on how traditions such as growing fresh food, cooking, and serving the community continue to be important to the duo's lineage.


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