My Grandfather's keeper

My Grandfather's keeper, Art
My Grandfather's keeper

Art    18 x 24 x 1.5    $250.00    https://k-dstudios.n...   

2D Digital media
Artist Statement
This piece was created through a personal connection towards the muse. The piece is depicted of my late grandfather Albert Dailey Jr. Based from Baltimore MD, he was one of the many upcoming black jazz pianist from the late 1960’s to early 1980’s. During that time period he endured many challenges and tribulations throughout his life and career. In that particular era, black artist was not give credited songs in the music industry. But also had many advantages, at one point working with late and great soul-singer James Brown. Also, establishing hit songs such as “That Old Feeling” and “My Favorite Things”. Throughout the Jazz community and Baltimore he became a huge influence. Establisihing programs for children to learn piano lessons. AIso paving the way for black musicians to be established in the music industry. I created this piece as an homage to my grandfather. Shedding light to his influence towards music and his community.


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