Karen Y. Buster | ABENA: Repousse'

Karen Y. Buster | ABENA:   Repousse', Art
Karen Y. Buster | ABENA: Repousse'

Art    24 x 15 x 2    $3,500.00   

Copper Mounted on Wood
Artist Statement
“In my artwork, you will see a different perspective of how negative and positive spaces interact. Allow your eye to travel the lines and sharp edges drawn by my precision knife which speakes of the development of my style.

“Collectors have describe my work as irregular, eccentric, different, unusual, and unconventional. I will continue to look at everyday images in this unorthodox way. Art has allowed me to speak feelings that I can’t always express with words. I hope I can inspire young people to know that art has a voice.”

“Art is not what I see…but what I make others see.”. ~ Karen Y. Buster


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