Marilyn Gates-Davis | Breakthrough

 Marilyn Gates-Davis | Breakthrough, Art
Marilyn Gates-Davis | Breakthrough

Art    24 x 36 x 1    $1,600.00   

Acrylic on Canvas
Artist Statement
Painting since a child, Marilyn Gates-Davis has over 40 years and counting as an artist. She has been working as a graphic designer for the past 30+ years, designing magazines, books, and print materials. She typically paints intimate portraits of friends and family members as well as iconic figures.
To counteract negative stereotypes, she chooses to depict the joy of the black culture through her paintings. Marilyn paints images that celebrate grace, strength, dignity and love of black people, often utilizing her art to share personal stories and childhood memories.
Marilyn paints primarily in acrylics and oils. She also creates collage work using cut paper, acrylic paint and other organic textured materials. While there is much diversity in her work, a throughline can be found through her chosen subject matter. Her goal is to take the everyday images and life experiences and elevate them to tell stories that connect us all.


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